Tiktok – a short video clip site – had an original idea to post shot videos of various acts, how to videos, and other material. As of late, it’s now a breeding ground for various acts of vandalism, illegal acts, and other inappropriate material.

Some highlights:

Girl licking the ice cream in public (she’s currently serving jail time for tampering)

Devious licks (destroying public and school bathrooms)

Slap a teacher challenge (kids slapping their teachers and running to not get caught)

Crate challenge (walking on a stack of crates)

Theres far other videos and challenges (some can be fun while others are illegal), however one important lesson needs to be taught – parenting.

Teach your kids some of these ideas and challenges aren’t to be taken lightly, and some can have legal consequences as well as a record which can hinder your adulthood.

That 45 second laugh can mean a lifetime of not so funny moments.