BS Jobs

Today, I was able to start an interesting read involving the job market. Due to the nature of the book title, the link will provide the book and the synopsis.

I, as well as others, can agree there are jobs that shouldn’t exist, and some jobs where only 1-2 people are qualified. Too many environments (especially Uncle SAM) spend millions on unnecessary positions just to inflate the job market. Examples include someone measuring the flow of condiments, chat room moderators, or someone who makes up color names. When someone (like me) try to find these positions, they either don’t exist through normal means or the phrase right place right time factors in.

A few years ago, I made a post regarding real jobs, and yet not one person can actually answer what makes a real job.

Here’s the actual questions:

Why are qualified people overlooked?

Why hire just to fill a checkmark?

Why educated people like me have a hard time finding work when the high school dropouts make far more?

Why does the dollar come before human life?

Why do people who never do anything with their lives tell those who want to make something of themselves not waste your time?


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