School system rebuild

K-12 school system. Some call this indoctrination, some call this time as glorified babysitting, and some call this a waste of time and tax money. Who’s right? Let’s find out.

With the rise of discipline issues, various social media challenges, and other forms of misbehaving, someone asks when will this all end?!

Full story of various misbehavings can be found here.

Indoctrination – Some non-parents believe the school system is teaching kids how to be more of a drone and yes (wo)men instead of thinking on their own.

Babysitting – For the majority of school kids, the parents use this time to work somewhere. Some will stay home and work nights, and some households will have parents alternate house and work duties.

Where the problem starts are moments when someone has to be sent home, and the parent/guardian has to take time off to pick up their child(ren). Those without kids tend to act like the job/workplace comes first, even if your child(ren) has to sit in school all day. Other countries have clauses where parents are able to pick up their child(ren) depending on the situation. Are kids learning, or are the parents glad someone can watch their kids while they work?

Social media – Self-explanatory.

As a substitute teacher, I hear things the majority of the parents either ignore or don’t understand. Fortunately, the majority of kids listen to someone like me since I talk first and explain the why. Why you shouldn’t act a certain way; why learning this is important; why you should tell a trusted adult if a situation is about to occur.

Let someone like me be in charge of the school system; first thing is to have all kids home for about 1 year while the system gets standardized and rebuilt. Take what works, hire actual educators and teachers, and have learning in a manner where society has intelligent members while the uneducated are working for the educated.


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