Non toxic clickbait

The 1st Amendment of the US does protect the press. At what cost?

Outside satire, jokes, and April Fools stories, there are certain news sources where ratings and being first are more important than actual news.

Actual news – New world currency being introduced; another train derailing in Ohio; a conflict on the verge of reaching a cease fire; Passport Bros movement in full swing; new food options for people with limited diets; and the US being dragged into a potential conflict

Clickbait/Toxic News – something involving a previous president; celebrities’ favorite X; inflation; politics involving both parties; Tennessee shooting for political gains; gender-related propaganda; and something negative involving abortions

I’m not here to argue/debate against free press, and I’m not here to say anything negative about a specific news source. What I’m saying is don’t let actual news be drowned out by non important stories or articles.

Another moment where The Dollar comes first for certain news stations.

Some actual news sources:

PBS News Hour


Associated Press



Deep/Dark Web news sites


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