Student Loans

Toady, Feb 28, marks the first day of the hearings between the Supreme Court and Bidens Student Loan Forgiveness plan.

Myself included, a lot of Americans sought for higher education, successfully obtained degrees in various fields, and BAM the pandemic hit.

At the time of writing this, 5 Republican dominate states argue against the forgiveness, stating potential income being diminished. The full story can be found here.

Personal take – This is a prime example of the dollar comes first. The interest of the Student Loans alone eats away at college graduates, and there’s also countless stories of people paying more into what they borrowed. Some even mentioned 3-4x’s the amount initially borrowed. Paying back isn’t the issue. It’s the interest where people die on the inside.

This is sickening to see people against helping out their own people for a bigger paycheck.


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