Vote for shorter work days

Fingersoft, a foreign video game company, decided to experiment with 6 hour work days. From their experiment, productivity, morale, and even revenue increased. The rest of the story can be found in the link.

Four day work weeks have been proven successful through various companies.

Nintendo, and Sony CEOs put thr majority of their bonuses back into the company for even higher production and sales.

Now, let’s see the other side of things.

Activision (known for Call of Duty), have 12+ hour work days, arguing, to provide the best experiences in our software.

Rockstar (known for GTA – Grand Theft Auto), cited more than once of having the most paid entertainment product of all time; yet have people also working 14+ hour days for months on end before release of their games.

Some would argue because of society differences, certain jobs can get away with lower work hours and higher pay.

One thing I can say – the majority of companies the staff comes first. Staff means a product, product means sales, sales means compensation for hard work. Loyalty pays more than just money.

However, there are those who argue the customer comes first. Well, is it the customer, or the dollar? Customer satisfaction or manipulation so people spend more money?

Sales? Or customer loyalty?

Shorter work days for higher morale, or longer work days and lower morale?


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