Illusion of choice

Something to think about. The majority will pick one side without thinking.

There are two choices. Blue pill or Red pill. You’re not able to take both.


You do as you’re told

You always have a surplus of money because you’re not allowed to spend

You will have a family because you’re told to

You will work a job for 2/3 of your entire life

You will never about to anything because someone else talked you into being nothing

When you die, you will be replaced because you’re just a number

Your friends are those who are also outcasts in society

You believe what you here

Education is only learned through indoctrination

Red pill

You think first before acting

You never have Money because you can’t be bought

Family is close friends and/or pets, not a piece of paper legally bound to someone else

Working is only to survive until your idea(s) are successful

Your name becomes a legacy in one circle or another

When you die, you’re remembered for who you are and can’t be replaced

Friends are those who don’t care about society norms

You question everything you read and hear

Education is learned through trial/error, and studying history

Here’s what they both have in common – your only guarantee in life is death.

Which side are you on?

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