Card games

When you, the reader, look at these cards, what do you see?

A kids game?

Art work?

Don’t know?

Don’t care?

Waste of money?

Pieces of expensive cardboard?

What I see – potential fixes on reading compression, problem solving, a hobby, and/or potential financial gain.

Here in the West, most see card games like Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic the Gathering as a kids toy, or a waste of money/time, and in extreme cases anti-religion. Yet the big question remains – why do you see them in this negative manner?

If games like Chess, Checkers, Monopoly, and other older games can be allowed between kids and adults, what makes card games any different?

Typical responses:

Card games cost too much

You only buy the other games once and that’s it

Those games have been around so long and involved in some cultures


Card games are only to make the inventors rich by rare card production

Wasn’t around before and grew up without then

Boring to play/watch

While some of the negative responses have weight and can be debated, keep in mind there are advantages to card games.

Collectors see this as an opportunity to make even more money

Reading comprehension improves

Reading and accurately predicting situations


Art/story ideas

Enhance trading practices

Too many adults and adolescents see card games in a negative manner, and the majority never took the time to really dive in and see the hype around them.

No one is saying to play the games or be disrespectful; but more of a live and let live.


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