Seeing this hit hard. I’ll explain why.

So many people who done nothing with themselves telling people who have long-term goals to not waste time and/or effort.

I’m sure some heard of the term hive-mind (HM) mentality. For those who don’t know what it means – following what society says, does, and without question. Go to school, go to college, start a family, work a 9-5 for the next 50+ years of your life, and retire.

People like me have goals, aspirations, and active projects to be successful. But the HM would argue:

Lack of money

No family/wife/kids

No house

Yet these people fail to see:

Lack of money means I’m using what I make towards what I’m working on. The constant art books, colored pencils, Copic Markers, and various drawing pencils says hi.

No family means I have minimal to 0 distractions. Also means I have time to work on what’s important to me; not what someone else says is important to them.

No house means I can relocate on a moments notice. Job offer in another state? On the way! A vacation spot turns into a permanent residence, let’s go!

So to summarize today’s topic – do what makes you happy, and what will help you out in the end. So many people claim life is short, so why waste the time making someone else’s dream(s) a reality while yours is on hold?


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