Do you agree? I do.

So many people think using big words, jargon, and other manipulative words makes them sound intelligent. They aren’t.

These are the same people who think speaking English is the end-all to knowing your material. Last time I checked, there’s other languages, signs and signals, and other forms of communication where English isn’t even relevant.

In the Amazon, there’s a society who doesn’t even have a spoken language; they use hand signals and noises. Some would call them primitive or even below IQ level. But are they? If the system works for them, why change it?

North Sentinel Island, they don’t even welcome outsiders, and will get violent. From some of the visitors who successfully communicated with the natives, mentioned they use simple words and phrases.

Today’s word is adapt/adaptation. If you’re capable to adapt your biases, education, and knowledge to communicate with someone else, you’re the intelligent one. When talking to kids or the younger crowd, you already have the advantage because you was that age before. So just off knowing what it’s like being young you can already relate certain information where they would be able to understand and listen closely.

Learning a foreign language opens new opportunities, and at times help curb negative thoughts of a cultute or society. It’s also OK to tell someone you don’t have the correct answer to a question.


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