Reading people

Today, let’s learn about the father of body language – Milton Erikson.

Short version – when he was 17, he caught Polio, and after his near-death experience he cracked the code of body language and talking. Through just pure observation he was able to read a person on various issues involving infidelity, cross dressing, marriage issues, and other hard to read notions.

I first read about his work through a book I’m reading called The laws of human nature by Robert Greene. The book version goes more in depth of how he learned how to read people, why reading body language is important, and what we can learn from his methods.

Wikipedia adds him being the first to successfully do hypnosis through modern means. As of today, debates circulate as whether hypnosis is legit or just some form of acting. When body language and talking are involved, acting can easily be found out with the right choice of words and moods.

The wiki article can be found here

If you want a paper version, check the book The laws of human nature by Robert Greene.

Today’s take-a-way:

Learn to read body language and listen for what a person says and how they say things.


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