Thanks for being patient. I’m still actively working on YouTube content, and soon I can start posting again.

I have found a mobile app called 1440, which is a news source I actively enjoy reading.

The app 1440 does the who, what, were, when, why, and how without the personal bias or propaganda. The number 1440 is also the year the printing press is first recorded in existence.

There’s another news app I use called TLDR which stands for Too Long Didn’t Read. Their philosophy is most people read the headlines and maybe the first couple of paragraphs and that’s about it. Each story has a link to the full story if needed.

I bring these two up to show not all news is propaganda, and to prove the majority want news without the added material.

If you’re interested, on Google play store search 1440 news, or TLDR. On Apple they might be under the same name but not confirmed 100%. If 1440 isn’t available as an app, there’s the option to provide an email and receive stories that way.


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