What’s actually important?

At time of writing, Governor Abbot of Texas claims Ramos of the Elementary school shooting was killed during a police shootout.

Monkeypox is becoming the new thing since Covid is not making as much headlines.

Here’s the actual news the US needs to be informed about:

Potential famine due to various food plants being destroyed

Russia lost one of their main spokesmen due to not believing in the Ukraine invasion

Our own Government can send $40+ billion to help another country, but voted against helping our own people at $48 billion

China has plans on invading Taiwan to make the island part of the red flag again

How come these stories aren’t as popular yet far more important?

The death of every civilization is brought on by three events: starvation, disease, and war. A culture suffering from any two becomes the target for the third – unknown

When a tiger is sick or wounded, jackals gather nearby – Ancient Chinese Proverb

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