Another win for the children

In case the image doesn’t load, California signed into law allowing schools to provide free feminine products in public schools and colleges.

Why is this important – feminine hygiene is a multi-billion dollar market, and some low income families can now breathe without having to hit the pocket book too much. Other states to follow as time moves on.

Being a substitute teacher for various schools in this city showed me there’s a lot going on behind the scenes the media refuses to cover. This is one of those stories where the families need to know to plan accordingly.

Of course with any positive news, there’s always:

Oh great! Another government handout

I don’t have any daughters in school, so why should I care?

I’ll let the school provide and I’ll spend money elsewhere

I can provide for my kids. Why can’t you? No excuse

Lazy parents win again!

I don’t have kids, but someone who has daughters about to hit mother nature visits can better be prepared.

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