Traditional traditions

That’s just how it is

Because I said so

(Because) you just do

Don’t worry about it

Trust me

It’s (family) tradition

It’s all part of (insert religious figure here) plan

How many times have you, or someone you know used one of the following for a question they themselves couldn’t answer?

Where the root issue starts, why flow something you, yourself don’t even understand entirely? Then tell someone else to follow the same thing because it’s the thing?

No one’s saying to lie when explaining something, however at least put some thought behind an answer where logic makes sense.

Why are we poor?

Old – it’s part of (x) plan for us

New – they have money, but where’s their friends? How often do they have family time? Why do their kids look sad? Why’s the older child bullying the other kids? They have the toys, but who do they play with?

Do the dishes because I said so

New – learning a routine will help you grow as a person. Washing dishes will teach you organization, how to clean correctly, and will help you manage and budget time for more important matters in life.

You have to get married, have kids, and work until you’re 65 because it’s what’s expected of you as a person

New – are you happy where you’re currently at in life? If not, what changes are you making to better your situation? If yes, what can you teach others so they can learn off your example?

(My favorite)

Hard work pays off

New – Work smarter not harder.

You get the idea. For other examples of why following without question can lead to bad consequences –

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson (a short story about following tradition without question)

Coming to America – Eddie Murphy romantic comedy about how tradition isn’t always the best option

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