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Missouri, among some other states, is actively seeing a spike in Covid-related hospital visits since May.

Yet, our wonderful Governor, Mike Parsons, ended the unemployment assistance program, to force people to go out and work at jobs no one wants to apply for.

But wait, there’s more!

Springfield, one of the current hot spots, have shipped people to Kansas City and St Louis for better treatment options and care. Where people scratch their heads, why end assistance for people to work at dead end jobs, risking exposure because jobs with inconsistent hours and poor pay are screaming for bodies?

Hopefully Missour follows Indiana and reinstate the unemployment supplement to help curb the spread to prevent another potential lockdown.

And to add icing on the cake, Parsons also signed into law forbidding smaller areas doing their own lockdowns; meaning even if a small town or city is a Hotspot, without the Governors approval, business as usual.

In short, some people who hold the ultimate decisions regarding the regular people, never started as a regular person.

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