Work smarter

This is one of the many stories out there where higher ups put the money made back into the company instead of being greedy. Denmark is a perfect example of paying people $20+ an hour and prices are still low; because greed isn’t one of their traits unlike the US. Of course nay sayers will say stupid points like:


He earned it, he should keep it

Be glad you have a job

Why pay a janitor more than their worth?

Who cares? I made my money, that’s what matters

You’re one stupid fool to give people what they don’t deserve

And people who use these comments:

Hate their job(s)

Work more than spend time with family/friends

Always negative

Rarely, if at all, help other people if there’s no gain for them

Have no life goals

So in short, higher paying employees means happier job; meaning more money overall for everyone. No one should be forced to work a job where they can’t grow as a person.

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