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At time of writing, this is a list of states currently ending the $300 supplement.

Here’s a couple of points debated on why the extra money is deterring people from working:

People get paid more to stay at home than to work!

If that’s the case, why don’t people investigate why jobs aren’t paying more to their employees?

Inflation? Parts of Europe pay well above minimum wage and yet their currency value isn’t down. The actual definition of inflation would surprise people.

Because the job is an entry/beginner level spot? This is another tired point because you’re basically telling people to work 40+ hours a week just to have a chance of a higher position. And let’s not get started on favors, promises, favoritism, etc.

Again, at time of writing restaurants, retail, medical, and other places are screaming for people to work for them; so what’s the pay? Hours? Benefits? Room for growth? All these questions are important. Who wants to work for Walmart making minimum wage when Postmates can offer higher pay, your own schedule, and even keep extra tips? Postmates may not have benefits, but they allow for other opportunities. Walmart may have benefits but at what cost? That $8-9 an hour doesn’t sound so nice when you spend more in gas a week do it?

Jobs all over are hiring! I see places offering jobs and employment! Why aren’t people working there?

Again, goes back to the pay, hours, growth, and benefits. Just because a place is hiring doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Why are people not working at this place? Bad management? Pay not high enough? Greedy investors? Those are the right questions to ask.

Also, these positions hiring, what’s their qualifications? They want someone who’s 19 with 40 years experience? Is the job only for certain people due to the nature of the job?

Here’s the reality of the situation:

At time of posting, the states who want to opt out are all of one political party, have low unemployment as it is, and have incompetent officials. So you, the state, take away the benefits from everyone, forcing them to go back to work. Had these officials read the fine print in the first place, it’s to people who have limited options due to COVID, not regular unemployment.

So in short, we have people in higher power who don’t know how to read and comprehend how to help their own people.

You want people to work? Pay them for their worth accordingly. Make them want to work. Offer benefits that make them want to stay. Be transparent in expectations.

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