Playstation Sunet Overdrive?

Recently, Sony filed a patent involving the once Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

What this means – The game was heavily marketed as an Xbox only title since 2014 when the game released. In 2019, Sony bought out Insomniac (the company who made the game), and decided it’s time to claim the name. As far as a sequel, or an updated version of the game remains to be seen.

Why should I care – constantly gaming companies are either bought out, or go independent, and some of your favorite game(s) might be on more than one console, or disappear all together. What this also means is one game can do better on a competitor’s machine than the one you own; or the player base is larger elsewhere and the amount of people who bought the game wasn’t enough to warrant staying on one machine. One can debate Nintendo, however even some of their heavy names (Mario and Link for example) existed outside Nintendo platforms once upon a time (Phillips CDi).

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