Another non existent word

For those who go off the media; remember immigrants are here legally. They gain citizenship, add to society, and help build a better country.

Illegal immigrant, however, is a made up word.




Undocumented Immigrant

Illegal alien

Goes back to my previous post involving buzzwords. In this case, illegal Immigrant is a buzzword by the media, and any respectable law firm will correct the term to either undocumented or illegal alien.

This is important because lately the news throws the term illegal Immigrant (II from here on) around like it’s something everyone should be aware of when in reality it’s something that doesn’t exist. A smart person would see II as something else and instead would correct the person in question.

And for those who think this is nit picking – it’s not. Government documents have undocumented Immigrant and/or illegal alien, not II.

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