Buzzwords (pt. 2)

buzzword (Definition)

First part revolved more around the realistic examples of what and when you would hear certain buzzwords. This topic is more of the dangers of why you, the reader, shouldn’t buy into buzzwords. Also known as Fallacy.


X job is hiring! Starting pay is Y, Benefits, vacation, etc. All you have to do is apply now!

What’s wrong with this? Let’s take a look:

Who do I contact to ask certain questions?

Why are X hiring?

What’s the official job title and what will I be doing?

Here’s a much better version of the job offer:

X is looking for new associates. Duties include:




Candidate must fit the following:




Contact N person for questions – XXX-XXX-XXXX or

Notice the second one lists some sort of expectation, and even have a way of contact. Much better than earlier. Again, the 45-75 rule applies, as well as not buying into something without prior knowledge.

Example 2

“X President is for the people!”

We all know where this is going, so I’ll give the highlights:

Certain presidents throughout history have cared for the people, just their methods weren’t understanding.

And then there’s the more recent president(s) who have, lets say, done/said some things where you have to scratch your head

There’s no such thing as the perfect president, but there are a such thing as the government works for the people.

Example 3

“Today on X News, Men can get pregnant from their women partners. More at 6.”

We’re all familiar with how the media will make anything news worthy without fact-checking. Extra credit for stretching the truth, or extreme exaggerations.

“Science has reached a new milestone – men can successfully become pregnant from women. How? More later.”

See how different this sounds? Not click/watch bait.

I chose those 3 as the biggest because they all have something in common – people will jump at anything because certain words/phrases will force them to pay attention, and only hear/read what they want.

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