Diabetic question

Here’s a thought:

In the UK, diabetes is treated differently, and the goal is to either suppress, or at least keep the disease in check. Also in the UK there’s three foods to avoid:




And their diabetic situation are lower than here in the US, and also far more regulated/controlled. This goes for both type 1 and type 2 (I’m type 2 according to modern medicine).

So, here in the US, diabetes is one of the top diseases among the general public. As a diabetic myself, I ask-

Why is diabetes harder to manage here when we do everything right according to your medical suggestions? Why in other countries diabetics are treated far better with more options on eliminating the disease? Diet, exercise, and even the gastric bypass at times isn’t enough, so what is it?

Answer- money. The more they keep us on diabetic medications, and visits, the more they make.

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