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Pepe Le Pew Controversy Explained
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Dana White and other MMA notables react to Gina Carano losing Mandalorian  role |
Louis CK's Episode of "Louie" About Fat Women | Time

What do these listed have in common? They’ve all been hit with some sort of cancel culture.

Here’s the short version for each one:

Pepe le pew was targeted as “glorifying rape” which there’s no official evidence regarding this claim. A few of the cartoons did show him chasing a female cat who could pass as another skunk; with one ending with him getting beat up by his wife, and another where the cat lost her sense of smell and ended up chasing him. There’s also debate of him having a French accent, and basically stating that the French are known to be rapists.

Eminem is currently targeted since he exercises his right to free speech through music.

Gina Carano is mostly known for her role in The Mandalorian on Disney. On social media, she was asked multiple times by the fans to display what pronouns she would like to be referred to as – to answer through bip beep boop (the actual phrasing is up for debate however this is the one currently discovered). Disney then decided to let her go, which in turn landed her a director’s seat on an upcoming movie on a competitor’s network. There’s other debates on why Disney let her go, however this is the one most recent and the one easiest to research.

Louis C.K. has been under fire ever since the Netflix special involving the religious Ellen Farber. Louis made his stance clear that he can/will do whatever he wants behind closed doors, and as long as it’s within legal matter there’s nothing no one can do about it.

There’s far more people out there who are under fire for various social media posts, various satire, exercising freedom of speech/expression, and other inappropriate behavior according to the masses. Here’s the reality; these social justice warriors (SJW) and other people who make claims against other people, are only hurting themselves.

What makes cancel culture (or SJW) even worse, the majority complaining aren’t even the target(s) of what they’re complaining about! Yes, there are some who would argue/debate why certain things shouldn’t exist, and there are others who say something’s wrong for Internet clout (brownie points).

One would debate – right is right, wrong is wrong. End of story. Well, what is considered right? What’s considered wrong?

There’s two lessons to be learned from this:

  1. Respect. Respect each other, know your boundaries, and when in doubt, don’t do it. Having multiple opinions and other voices can help understand certain aspects and at times come up with other ideas to help spread the message(s) without having someone shout later against it.
  2. Balance. You can’t get rid of all offensive material – that’s impossible. You also can’t make content without at least one person screaming against something you said/did; so at most this goes back to the first point – respect. Some content yes, can go too far, and can even land the original creator in trouble. If there’s a message that needs to be addressed, try to be as clear as possible so if there’s still confrontation, at least there can be some understanding. For example, satire. Second example, history.

I leave this piece with two quotes which fits 99% of all situations:

The weak seek revenge. The strong forgive. The intelligent ignoresAlbert Einstein

A battle is won before it is even foughtSun Tzu (Sun Zi)

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