Common sense

How many can relate to this in our current state of affairs?

Need money

Covid concerns

Lack of human interaction


Well, I hate to break the bad news, but as long as stupid people don’t do their part, covid will always be around. And we as a country still haven’t even gone past the first phase.

But it has a 99% survival rate!

Not the point. The point is being safe, and protecting each other as a whole. Just because you’re safe/healthy, doesn’t mean the person next to you are. Keep in mind – that’s someone’s grandmother, dad, child, etc. You ask for respect, well it goes both ways.

This is how we, as a people should handle whats wrong with our population as a whole.

Current – Big fish is the government, small fish the people

Should be – Big fish is covid, small fish the people

Instead of arguing against safety measures, research what you can do as a population to keep numbers down and everyone safe.

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