The art of war against the stupid

Reading this book will help you battle covid, stupid people, and everyday life. I’ll provide some examples to verify this true statement.

All warfare is based on deception

In short, looks can be deceiving, and appear as one thing but be another.

Covid resembles a cold/flu, but is far more dangerous.

The more calculations you make, the higher the chance of victory.

Before doing anything, work on plan a while having a b, c, and even a d.

Walmart closed? What other stores are open? Annoying roommate(s)? Provide just enough contact info for emergency contact and head out for a while. Electricity out? Who else has power on at another location?

If you know the enemy, and yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every win is a loss. If you don’t know yourself or the enemy you will succumb in every battle.

Covid (enemy); you (yourself)

Stay inside, social distance, and wear protective face coverings and you will stay clear.

The general public likes to argue how covid at this point is a political weapon to keep fear in people – sorry to say but it’s not a fear weapon because it is a real thing. These are the same people who don’t social distance, wear face coverings correctly (or at all), and act like they are above/beyond what’s written when involving a public issue like this. These are also the same people who are either a-systemomatic, or have the virus and don’t even know it, or catch it and then later complain about other factors being the cause.

The perfect warrior is one who can break the enemys resistance without fighting.

If someone does/says something, and you have evidence, use it. A smart person will never argue with the truth. If you’re playing a video game, use something which hinders sight/sound to stun the enemy. Someone doesn’t like you for stupid/silly reasons? Ask questions until “I don’t know,” or “I didn’t think of that” is their default response.

These are the top examples available due to current events which will help those who are in tight situations find a way out. Of course nothing is 100% foolproof, and yes there can be times when ideas backfire or go against you, but always remember, when there’s chaos, look for opportunity.

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