Another example of stupid people in society

I had to do a fact check on this story because this did seem like one of those stories where it sounds legit but can/t be serious.

First, OnlyFans is a site where people can pay for various content; whether it’s streaming gaming, or adult content, or how to clean a car. Lately the site has been more with adult content which is perfectly fine because its within what the site is about. You can make videos in the privacy of your own home and have 0 interaction with other people.

I checked Onlyfans ToS (Terms of service), and in their defense you don’t have to link any social media if you don’t want to. So to do any form of social media search can bypass this filter if you’re using an alias/internet name ad long as you’re smart about it. No you can’t hide entirely who you are, however you can make things more difficult for others to find you.

You’re also able to use masks and/or other ways of covering yourself, including not showing your face at all (updated Aug 2020).

Under California education code article 2 [44830-44929]

(b) short version – if you were convicted of something illegal, you can’t teach

If you did something with a minor, you’re screwed. And it’s illegal as well as morally wrong.

So, back to the original topic at hand

Nothing I currently searched for, says a teacher can’t make a second income involving adult content which requires an age check. This story specifically, I couldn’t find a reliable source; however, similar stories did appear in San Francisco, especially during the pandemic. So the picture might be an actual person, but not the teacher in question.

Reading some of the comments does question the intelligence of some people:

She shouldn’t be doing this

I don’t want my child being taught by a —-

Teachers have a moral respect they need to uphold

Why does she have a porn site? My taxes more than pay enough of her salary

Teachers in California make maybe $20~ an hour, which is a barely livable wage unless you live in the poor areas, or live with other people (parents, roommates, etc). The best part about the comments – all comments were made by people who lives outside the state!

Did she do anything wrong? According to California law no. The community might not like it, and as long as her private life is kept out of school, and she’s not actively soliciting her services, she’s within her legal rights to do what’s necessary to be financially stable.

So in short – stay out of their business and personal life. Just because someone does something you don’t like or agree with, as long as it’s within legal boundaries there’s nothing you can do about it.

For those of you out there who still argue/debate against this, here’s some hard to answer questions:

How did you know she has a paid adult site?

Did she solicit her services towards you and/or your family? If no, why does it matter?

Do you make more money than her? If yes, why are you bothered by this?

Did she engage in underage content? If no, why do you care if she keeps minors out of her business?

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