A new low for the anti mask

There’s two sides to this, and both need to be explained.

Legit – allergies; actual religious beliefs; and/or potential offensive material(s)

Not legit – too lazy; because the media said not to; you don’t feel like it; favorite politican says it’s a hoax; because I forgot; you believe this is a form of population control

Here’s the reality of the current situation; too many people argue against protecting themselves and others, yet these are the same people complaining about being at home and/or social distancing. These are also the same people who claim to be healthy with little to no physical/mental issues, however can’t respect others to keep them safe as well.

If you’re healthy, and you swear to not protecting yourself and others – why’s that? Why are you so against wearing something for that 5-10 min in public? Is your time that precious to put others in danger because you want to be different? No one said you had to change your entire lifestyle; all you have to do is set the positive example by protecting yourself to save others. Can you, as a person, even define what healthy means?

Think of this another way if you still argue against protection – if you own a business, can you name a time where dead customers spent money? Can the dead read and comment on your work? Can the dead offer live advice? If you can’t logically answer these questions, protect yourself to save others!

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