Example of 5/25 rule

Today I’d like to dedicate this posting to someone who is a younger me in the fighting game community (fgc). I call him Red, and one of his life goals is to be a pro gamer, as well as making wrestling storylines. I support this 100% because this is one person who isn’t scared to try something even though people will try to say he’s wasting time.

I mentioned the 5/25 rule, and this is one example of how recognition starts; put in the time, effort, and bypass the haters, and you can/will accomplish anything.

To recap on the 5/25 rule (but Warren Buffett)

Write 25 things down you want to do

Mark the top 5 you want to do

X out the rest

Those 5 is what to concentrate on

For those who argue/debate against this theory, look at

Warren Buffett (investor)

Jeff Bezos (amazon)

Bill Gates (Windows software)

Oprah Winfrey (show host)

Michael Jordan (basketball player)

Michael Jackson (music)

etc. and tell them this theory doesn’t work

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