The sad reality involves adults who are more childish than the younger generation to have a manager post something like this. The original source states NYC McDonald’s, however to treat employees this bad to where a sign has to be made is a sign of adults needing a reality check.

Remember we used to be that age, working at some job not many people claimed as a “real job” because the stigma is you have to start somewhere.

This is also posted during a COVID-19 situation, which then begs the question; acting like this is teaching the younger generation it’s ok to act how you want because you’re the customer, and because you’ve been there?

Food for thought.

This pic comes to mind when people act like idiots towards younger workers because they can, not because the situation calls for it. And remember, you’re the adult – set the positive example and remember that was you, your child, and/or a relative at one point.

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