The real art of war (Pt 3)

Low Tier God Under Fire for Transphobic Rant Against CeroBlast ...

This is the third, and final part of the Art of War blog. Again, this isn’t a right/wrong blog, but rather how someone beat another person at their own game, and the results.

Catching up for those who missed the other two parts:

First was a posting regarding different variants of arguments

Second was the story of the drama between Ceroblast and LowTierGod (LTG)

Today, the results of the entire situation.

LTG posted a response regarding being banned

Ceroblast decided to eliminate their entire Twitter account, and at time of posting their twitch channel as well

Here’s the Code of Conduct from (Evo)lution tournament

This policy extends to forums, panels, social media, parties, hallway conversations, all attendees, partners, sponsors, volunteers, event staff, etc. You catch our drift. Evolution Championship Series reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or remove any person from, any Evolution Championship Series hosted event (including future Evolution Championship Series events) at any time in its sole discretion. (Taken from the ToS directly)

So, according to this listing, Evo can (and will) ban a player for any reason they see fit, as long as the ToS has been violated in some form or fashion. In this case, Ceroblast and LTG took their fight to Twitter (which falls under their social media criteria), and the result is a ban. Here’s the kicker:

Ceroblast is only banned for the 2021 season

LTG is banned for life (or until further notice)

Other tournaments have jumped on board banning both, and some went as far as to rewrite their ToS to include social media as part of their rules of conduct.


So, lets review the aftermath:

Ceroblast decided to disappear for now, to return at an undisclosed time under a new name

LTG is still making content, personally attacking other players

Some would argue LTG won because he’s still making content, and Cero deleted their account(s) across various mediums. Here’s the reason why Ceroblast won –

LTG changed how he personally attacks his competition, and now decided to try new insults which aren’t as detrimental

There’s now a big debate on one of the co-founders of Evo getting banned for using terms inappropriate as well back in 2013

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