The real art of war (pt 2)

All warfare is based on deception (1)

Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder, and crush him (2)

If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant (3)

If you know the enemy, and you know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles (4)

Sun Tzu, The art of war

Low Tier God Under Fire for Transphobic Rant Against CeroBlast ...

For those who know the story, you can skip this section. For those who don’t know the story, here’s the short version:

Low Tier God (LTG) was upset over losing an online match against Ceroblast, and went on a rant about Ceroblast and the current life choices Cero is actively making.

The video can be watched here.

LTG has a video here, describing his side of things

Ceroblast (at time of this posting) has made apologies on Twitter regarding comments of using words that shouldn’t be said before the whole situation took off

Now for the meat and potatoes of this blog – I’m not taking sides on the whole situation because the blog isn’t about who’s right/wrong; it’s about how to conquer an enemy that’s already defeated. In this case, Ceroblast used tactics to beat LTG at his own game. Here’s how:

LTG admitted he’s an actor for views on his channel

LTG trash talks countless times during his fights, and at times even “acts” angry by various acts of throwing controllers, or quitting games, etc.

LTG has a big following due to his actions

In person, LTG is a nice, respectable person who actually follows the rules

Ceroblast recently came out as trans, from male to female

Ceroblast does compete in various tournaments, while LTG sometimes go to tournaments depending on funding

Both Ceroblast and LTG followed each other, and would play together online multiple times (4)

Ceroblast would troll (cook up drama) in the chat boxes which angered LTG (2) (3) (4)

LTG would get angry, and lose multiple times against Ceroblast (1) (2) (3) (4)

LTG would rant and rave about current losses against Ceroblast (3)

One of the fights LTG went overboard regarding a more recent loss (around April 18~) in which he attacked Ceroblast directly (3)

So, in short, this is what happened – Ceroblast would intentionally anger LTG to beat him on Street Fighter 5. Instead of ignoring what Ceroblast is doing, LTG would take the trolling personally, and instead of concentrating on the match through skill, he fights using anger, which makes him lose almost all the time. LTG would then start his usual rant(s) about how the other player isn’t skilled enough, or blames something else, and uses his favorite catch phrase banned. LTG would then play another player online, and repeat the same process. Ceroblast would continue to troll LTG because he’s an easy target to work up.

Now, here’s some questions which no one but these two can answer:

Was there some form of intimate feelings involved between you two? A lover’s quarrel?

What made this situation more personal for Ceroblast as opposed to other moments?

LTG is known for his trash talking and behavior. How is this any different than some of the other moments of him attacking someone personally?

Are these two victims of society in general because of the fan outcries regarding certain groups asking for punishments?

There’s a next part to all this in tomorrow’s blog which is the aftermath of the situation. This is the story of what happened, and tomorrow will go over the results of the situation.

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