An example of bad parenting

Here’s one example of how to ruin a marriage as well as parent/child bonding:

I read this story and wanted to share with the readers one example of how stupid people can be. Stories like this are a big reason why marriages are in jeopardy, as well as time with your children are strained and even cut to 0. Here’s some alternative methods to approach this matter, from the mother’s perspective:

– be in the same room with them, reading, and/or communicating

– ask to keep the door open with a reasonable explanation (to let air circulate, or to hear when food is ready, etc.)

– randomly walk in to check on them, coming up with some sort of reason (asking for assistance with something)

– remembering the father probably worked long hours before the Covid situation and this is time for bonding

The biggest lesson to learn from this – overthinking will lead to bad outcomes. When in doubt, use common sense and remember to respect each other. And stay off social media when asking for advice.

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