Smart kid?

Here’s a story of a 14 year old in the UK who charged students 50p to use hand sanitizer.

So let’s think about this for a second;

Supply and demand

Early E (entrepreneur)

Made money for something (snacks)

Mum went to social media to express displeasure

Sky news (Fox News for the UK) won’t stop talking about the virus

But wait, there’s more!

S. Korea, Canada, and some other countries are actively helping through various methods, including isolation of the virus and free screenings. The US, however, are torn between free screenings, paying $3k+ for a test, and limiting various events.

And the first argument from certain individuals – who’s going to pay for all this?!

Here’s a final thought; there’s a proposed bill to pass $1.5 trillion to help with certain businesses, yet student loan debt (which is less) is considered “too much and can’t be paid?” So in short, education is a second thought.

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