New console generation

With the new generation of gaming to be rumored for this holiday season (2020), a lot of speculation, rumors, and typical fanboyism are running the show. When in doubt, fact check, take what’s said with salt, and/or wait until there’s official word(s).

Why am I saying this? Because ign(orant) has a story regarding Sony waiting on the price of the new Xbox before determining a price for their console. While there’s some truth behind this statement, after what happened in 2013 at E3, here’s some things to keep in mind:

Sony is a hardware company, with other products before gaming became part of them

Microsoft is a computer software company first

Sony is a Japanese owned company, while Microsoft is an American company

Both are a business first

Sony started their first console in 1994 while Microsoft started in 2001

Each gaming generation, Sony comes out on top from Microsoft in one way or another



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