Lack of common sense

About a week prior to today’s posting, an unnamed airline forced a woman to take a pregnancy test before boarding a flight to a US Island. Why?

Health safety? No

Illegal immigration? No

Because the airline was bored? No

Because of potential drug trafficking? No

Because the airline was concerned of a potential US citizenship fraud situation.

According to some statistics, pregnant women will arrive to some variant of the US to have their children born here to claim citizenship. While this practice can be a concern, not all women want their children born in a foreign land.

Granted the airline in question have been under fire, and have adjusted their practices, this does prove two things: assume is making an ass out of u and me, and if immigration is that bad then come up with something less embarrassing for visitors and the travel agencies.

By the way, the woman looked pregnant, not because she was/is.

Full story can be found here.