End of life for Windows 7

For those still running Windows 7, Microsoft announced as of Jan 14, Windows 7 will no longer receive updates for the software.

According to Microsoft (MS), Windows 10 is the way to go since PCs are cheaper, more reliable, and Windows 7 are missing certain features 10 currently has. From personal experience, Windows 7 was the closest to XP when compatibility and ease of use comes into question.

Here’s the reality: MS has a track record of forcing users to update to the ‘latest greatest’ to only announce a new OS (Operating System). Running Mac OS, I can say you only need to buy the system once, and Mac automatically updates whatever you have without charging for new software. Granted Mac isn’t cheap, and yes the initial price may be high, the investment pays for itself after a year of ownership. Linux, being a free software, also allows for free updates as well as informing users about a newer OS every 2 years while the older software is supported up to four years. So with Mac, you’re software has free updates, and Linux you’re able to either keep what you own up to four years or update as newer versions release, setting expectations of knowing you’re going to eventually have to move up for free.

Here’s a breakdown of each OS:

Windows is for gamers and people who are basic, everyday users

Mac is for building/making software, programs, and school related projects

Linux for those who know more about how PCs work, and to have advanced options for obtaining data and for forensics

Keep in mind there’s no right/wrong answers, just what are your needs and expectations.

Windows 7 end of life can be found here

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