Jan 3rd

So far we’re day 3 into the New Year and already there’s positive news. Someone actually helped me purchase a new Playstation 4 controller to help with my streaming. So I wanted to say thanks for the assistance, since there’s a semi known issue with a certain batch of controllers manufactured around a specific time frame. I will keep the name anon to prevent any potential backlash and/or assumptions.

Moving along to today’s topic – war. Due to developing stories I’ll only touch the highlights:

Trump ordered an attack which resulted in the death of a feared individual. Click here for more info.

There’s concern of a potential conflict with Iran

Iran has mixed feelings due to the government and public opinions

Some countries (like Mexico) are keeping opinions to themselves and are not voicing anything to stay neutral

There’s jokes and memes involving the attack(s)

Information is subject to change

I’ll end with this quote which hits home:

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