New year, old me

I wanted to start today with a Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been absent for a week and some change, however with the holidays on top of other real life issues I decided to take some time to get certain things in order. And I’m back to blog again.

New year, same me

A lot of people start with “My resolutions for this year…” and yet a big portion (or all) are never fulfilled for various reasons – life being 99% of it.

With the blog, I will continue to do what I do best, and all of the 2019 drama stays in 2019. Some thoughts will be revisited, however new material as well as postings will start to come around. Also to prevent burnout I plan on blogging 4 days a week to spend a day reading other people’s work to give back to those who follow me and take time to read my work.

February will be one year of me blogging, and the journey still has a ways to go. Also there will be some changes throughout the year, however you as the reader(s) will be able to see those changes as time goes on. Welcome to 2020!

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