Who actually runs the business

Today, I’d like to share a blog I found which raises some valuable points regarding running a business. Too many people these days blindly follow what someone else says without actually asking the right questions and/or doing proper research – they just do what they’re told without question.

I asked an important question regarding a specific position on why there’s a shortage when the pay is half decent; I’ve received everything but the correct answer. I’ve then realized the root of the problem of the majority of our work force – companies want yes wo/men instead of free thinkers.

Mind you I’m not talking all businesses, just the lower to mid tier ones. The ones with unrealistic expectations, barely above minimum wage, the ones where you work 40+ hours a week, and/or working under a mass controlled system. The type of positions where if you question something you’re either let go, or reduced hours till you look for employment elsewhere.

Click here for the blog in question. This will open some eyes. After finding this I even decided certain changes in what I’m currently working on.

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