Recent gaming in a nutshell

I had to do a special posting from a Game Informer editorial Shockbeast posted on Twitter. So I’ll give thanks for this listing.

The problem with modern gaming in general is combined into specific categories:

Pay to win

Attention-Deficit players


Social Media

YouTube/Twitch/Mixer streamers

Speed runners

Uneducated gamers

Following the crowd

Unrealistic comparisons

Limited balance of risk and reward

Cliche stories

While some can be combined into other categories, the point still remains the same. Too many recent gamers complain about certain aspects in gaming where older gamers like me would actually prefer those areas.

Who actually complains about too much content?

Why would paying for content is better than actually playing and unlocking?

Is sense of reward trophies or obtaining gear/levels/characters?

Why when a battle royale game releases it’s compared to Fortnite?

Why can’t reviewers review games within their respective genres?

This whole debate of “living games” is nothing more than blatant brainwashing combined with following the crowd. Think about it – name an offline game, you as a player experienced, and didn’t buy another game for a while because of the immersion?

Elder Scrolls series

Fallout series

Fighting games

Mass Effect original trilogy

Zelda games

Grand Theft Auto series

And so on

You know what the listed games have in common? They’re all made with the intent to keep you playing as long as possible. Why? Because they provide value for your money instead of 1/3 of the game and charge you extra later.

You, as a gamer can own multiple immersive games, swap between them, and still get your value because of two factors – time and content. Which ends the debate – whether you buy 3 games or 30, the main point is your money for your time. Spend and use wisely.

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