Another strike against Disney

Disney decided to pull one of the more famous Simpsons episodes who had Michael Jackson as a guest. As usual, people will debate:

It’s their service and can do what they want

It’s just one episode

It’s not a popular episode

People who seen this episode knows what happens at the end

The episode is irrelevant in today’s circle of media

I/we don’t own Disney+ so that doesn’t bother me/us

Well, I hate to bring this point up, but it’s the start of many editing issues we will see from Disney. The fact the episode is removed over a rumor is enough to verify two things:

Disney, like other media, doesn’t fact check

They’re too busy trying to keep an image when they themselves don’t know who they are anymore

Granted I don’t own Disney+, I do have access to check what content is available, and I must say the 80s-90s was their second golden age of content.

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