The 40/70 rule

Today I’ll share a recent post involving what’s called the 40/70 rule by Colin Powell.

Click here for the link

The short version of the post:

The 40/70 rule is basing decisions on knowing information between 40-70% of the information needed.

Below the 40% you’re risking making brash decisions which can harm you and/or others

Past 70% and you’re risking impatience as well as someone else taking control of the situation

The link regards business, but this rule applies to daily life as well

Some quick examples of the 40/70 rule on daily life:

Movie trailers

Video game videos

Covers and back of books

The backs of various entertainment cases

Sale ads

Various click bait material

People arguing/debating

Facebook posts

For those who don’t know about Colin Powell, here’s a bio

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