Blizzard entertainment

For those unaware, here’s the original story involving a pro Hearthstone player:

And here’s one response from a high profile gaming company:

Here’s one person who quit Blizzard in response to the whole situation:

Here’s the short version of what happened

A pro player made a comment in favor of the Chinese people

Blizzard (a video game company) banned said player due to violation of the ToS

Within the ToS, Blizzard can/will ban anyone for something they see is a threat to them and/or the company as a whole through speech

Since Blizzard has some Chinese investors, this was to protect the assets of those investors

Ever since this incident there’s been multiple outlets against Blizzard since their ToS is loosely interpreted as what is/not allowed

Here’s the reality of the entire situation:

It’s not the basis of “well if he didn’t say what he did…” or “this is why you watch what you say online,” this is about bringng politics and gaming together, as well as freedom of speech in general, on top of money. Blizzard just proved money comes first, and will go do extremes to make sure that dollar comes in one way or another.

Not everyone agrees with this situation, and not all employees are to blame; this is the higher ups and management (including the CEO).

So what does all this mean?

Yes watch what you say

Make sure to read and understand the ToS and/or contract

Freedom of speech in the US means just that – freedom to voice your opinion(s)

If you’re a high end company, be prepared to receive backlash for stupid decisions

Money is only as valuable as people allow it

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