The (reverse) evolution of music

Example of 70’s

Example of 80’s

Example of 90’s

Example of 2000’s

Example of 2010’s

What do these examples have in common?

They all have some sort of story to tell

They all played on the radio (or other medium)

All the artists have some sort of following

Everyone can dance to them regardless of your musical preference

All music never have an “expiration date.”

I pulled these examples since there’s no age restriction, no questionable lyrics, and they’re still popular even today.

Here’s some questions the fans aren’t willing to ask:

How are you supporting your artist?

Will you still listen to their music even when you’re introduced to other artists?

Are you willing to experience other music artists/genres even outside your social circles?

What music can you still actively listen to even after 10 years? 20 years? 30+ years? Why’s that?

Do you believe in certain music only belonging to certain groups of people? How about genders?

The reverse side of music, are the following:

Why do people believe certain genre’s of music are targeted to certain groups?

Can’t the artist(s) tell their perspective for everyone to understand?

Can you name a female artist both men and women can listen to without being judged?

Why do people have unwritten rules of listening to music past a certain age is considered “old” and to move on?

Can people demo certain songs without the record companies screaming about illegally listening?

Can artists actually make a living without being slaves to the industry?

Can you make music without telling a story?

I’m going to take a page from The art of war by Sun Tzu

So I leave you with this final thought – what’s with the negative stigma with music in general?

To the artists – real fans support your music. Also, real fans will respect your message(s), and will also help spread what you’re trying to say.

To the industry giants – When will you realize money comes from the fans who actually know when the artists are singing from the heart and not from some pre-made material? The fans aren’t stupid. And one last thing, stop playing the same 15 songs on every station.

Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix

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