A unique museum opening in London

I found this online and had to share it. I’ll provide the PG-13 version of the story:

Iceland has a “Male-centric” version of th same style museum and this is built to counter it

The museum is built to help educate how the female reproductive system works, as well as provide visual aides for those who have limited to no exposure

The museum is set to open soon. Actual details conflict another source

Admission is TBA

Safeguards are set to prevent unwanted visitors after hours

Now, had this been located in the United States:

Protests would run nonstop

“Protecting the children” would be the main focus

Although educational, entry would be restricted to 18+

If more women were to go the “pink team,” this place would be blamed for lack of masculinity therefore be the place for lesbians

Fox News would have a field day with the negative media on a daily basis

Here’s the CNN “clean, non biased” version


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