The irresistible vegan

Have to give credit to Vegans for their aggressive, yet flawed, propaganda.

Where does this post take place location-wise? Why choose this location over somewhere else?

What’s the actual health benefits of going vegan? Provide charts, actual sicknesses where vegans had lower chances, and also actual testimonials.

What’s the cost of food for vegans? How much do you save overall as a vegan instead of buying normal?

The vegan lifestyle for those looking long term or a diet for a specific activity?

Why are the same demographics always promoting the vegan lifestyle? How come certain groups of people never promvote the vegan decision? What maks your demographic different than theirs?

In addition, there’s some final thoughts as well:

We, humans are omnivores, meaning the balance of plant and meat products are in effect. Why restrict yourself from certain nutrients and other health benefits from eliminating meat entirely? Life is about balance, and sometimes elimination only hinders your overall health.

It’s one thing to ask people to try the vegan lifestyle as a different approach. However, to promote your belief in a manner like this, you’re only promoting in a condescending, irresponsible, and frightful manner.

Non vegans – Veganism, like any other lifestyle, should be treated with respect, not to lightly, and if you decide to follow make sure it’s for the right reasons.

To the vegans – displays like this make on wonder how far your aggressive campaign will go to get the message acros. Also, just because the lifestyle fits you doesn’t always mean other people see the same thing(s). I ask the questions earlier because those are unanswered questions I and others have.

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