Boys vs girls

I found something I feel needs to be addressed. The topic may cause some people to feel uncomfortable, however there’s a message I’d like to discuss involving the following – craziness. The topic isn’t the point, it’s the reason(s).

First I had to fact check to verify this is legit and not something someone made up just to start internet drama. And this is 200% real. But this gets better:

And the madness continues with even more “head spinning” reasons.

And this is icing on the cake.

I had to read the actual posting, and all I can say is – wow!

This is one site which verifies raising a girl is more expensive

This site goes more in depth with the spending aspects of boys and girls

This is a chart to show how spending is broken down

One example of how a girls attitude is different from boys

One mother of 4 explains her side of how one gender is different than the other

There are internet trolls, and there are crazies; and this falls under crazy. Again, I’m not referring to the topic, but the reasons and the logic behind this.

If someone hates modern society, why not fix it by starting at home. In this case, the mother can easily raise a boy to be a respectable human instead of not making a boy because of other people. Raise your child(ren) right, and don’t gender pick just because you want to. If parents took the time to be a parent, topics and/or people like this would be minimal; and instead of questioning human behavior we would instead try to fix actual issues.

Moments like this makes me wonder how stupid people have gotten over the years, and even worse is how people defend people like the original poster.

So the take a way from all this – the gene pool needs some chlorine. Also, there’s evidence that evolution can go in reverse.

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