Mirror mirror on the wall

When you look into a mirror, what do you see? A reflection of yourself? Another dimension? That annoying booger in your nose that won’t come out? Maybe a reflection of yourself due to decisions made? How and why do mirrors reflect what they see?

If you weren’t happy with yourself, would you change who you are? What you are? Would you want to change for the better? Maybe rescind the previous job offer? Tell someone you’re attracted to not to worry and find someone else? I ask because I applied what I read to someone’s actual situation which made them think.


Meeting your doppelganger for the first time. What would you ask them? How would the conversation go? Are they from the same dimension as you are? Are they even real? Why do animals try to attack their own reflection to only ignore it later? What makes them different than us humans?

Throughout history people were able to see themselves through other people, and in some cases what they saw were positive, and some required massive life changing situations. So my question to you, today is this – if you met someone just like you, in appearance and behavior, what would you do? Befriend them? Date them? Avoid them? Ridicule them? I ask because the time and day will come, and this will determine what happens next in your life.

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