An open letter to the non gamer

The current trend (again) in the media revolves around violent games causing issues within the US.

Here’s the reality – it’s not gaming.

The New York Times take on the topic

LA Times mention the El Paso shooter mentioned Call of Duty (COD) in his manifesto which Trump argues glorified violence

This is a pro/con setup on gaming in general, and how crime dropped over the years

The take-a-way from all this? As usual, the government refuses to assist and take responsibility as needed. Communication, understanding, and respect helps cut these violent behaviors down, not blaming entertainment.

I grew up on fighting games, and I only been in one school fight due to bullying. I did the right things by telling the adults first, and asked the guy to leave me alone. However, let Fox News hear about this, and they will blame Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat as the reasons why I fought back.

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