Fear tactics

For those who are unaware, there have been 3 shootings within the past week in the following areas:

Northern California during a festival for unknown reasons

El Paso involving a hate group propaganda

Dayton OH for unknown reasons outside knowing he’s an extreme left and killed his own sister in the shooting

While these tragedies are something we need to remember because anything can happen at anytime, our government has other motives behind these instances – fear.

The El Paso shooting is definitely hate crime/speech related, and the shooter also wrote a 2100~ word manifesto about 30 min before shooting regarding immigration and how mixing races is a bad thing.

California and Dayton at time of posting are unclear, and both shooters were killed. California took his own life, and Dayton was neutralized by police officers in the area within 30 seconds of hearing gu shots.

Why is fear the topic of all this?

The Democrats and Republicans blame each other for the situations instead of talking about the actual issue at hand – respect for each other

Trump, like some other people, blames video games and other unrelated reasons

The media, as usual are beating a dead horse because there’s nothing else to talk about

The public are divided about how to handle situations like these for the future. Guards? Metal detectors? Are open/concealed carry a good idea?

The country’s divided involving what the actual motivator(s) are

No one is taking responsibility which leads to an even deeper fear because who is at fault?

Here’s what’s confirmed:

The hate groups are uneducated and ill informed. Think about it – the white supremacist group hates immigration, yet aren’t their ancestors immigrants from somewhere? So does that means they hate themselves as well? As they say, ignorance breeds hate.

El Paso, being a peaceful border city, now has people living in fear of what may happen at any time. While you can’t read everyone, children are cheated out of living in a more peaceful environment because some idiot decided to ruin someone elses day for personal gain.

Mental illness is a real thing, and the more people try to write it off as “not important,” the more situations like these shootings will occur. There’s countless stories of people crying/screaming for help, yet no one does anything because they themselves aren’t mentally sick, or because they feel those asking for help are looking for free handouts instead of asking the right questions.

Our government uses tragedies as a way to trick the people into voting for the wrong side(s). Two of the three shootings had some form of government propaganda, as well as extreme views on certain topics.

The take a way from all this – when something massive like these shootings occur, something else is going on behind the scenes the public is unaware of. Second, be aware of your surroundings but don’t be afraid to venture out. Third, if someone seems off in their mental state, help them. Five minutes of listening can save a life.

California’s new proposal


Updates involving the Dayton incident


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Something to think about


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